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The life path we walk is accompanied by many events. Warm and pleasant events, but also less pleasant moments cross our lives.The death of a loved one awaits all of us on this journey. A difficult period in which sadness is supported by beautiful memories. Unfortunately, the lack of a loved one also brings many questions and a lot of practical matters have to be solved. Unfortunately, we cannot take the grief away. what we can do is make it more bearable by ensuring a pleasant and warm farewell with you, family, loved ones.

Like a shadow in the moonlight
Like the whisper of the seas
Like the echoes of a melody
Just beyond our reach
In the shadow of our sorrow
Past the whisper of goodbye
Love shines through eternity
A heartbeat from our eye

In the event of the death of your loved one, we are available day and night 7/7



All Saints' Day flower sales and open days

On Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 October 2023 from 10 am to 4 pm, both in Kortenberg and Leefdaal, you can get your flower arrangements for All Saints' Day. You can order both real and silk flower arrangements. We also have various memorial items, jewelry, mini urns...
Would you like to visit us at another time? You can always contact us by telephone.


New path along funerarium Leefdaal

In 2023 (after approval from the municipality) a new path will be placed next to the funerarium. This so that greetings do not have to be walked through the entire building and that people with a wheelchair can enter easily.


New windows, door and roof in Leefdaal

In the autumn of 2023, new windows and a new entrance door to the greeting room will be installed in our funerarium in Leefdaal. The building will also be provided with a completely new roof.


New window and door Aula Kortenberg

In the fall of 2023, a new window and door will be installed in our auditorium "De Molenbeek" in our funerarium in Kortenberg.

Our services


You can arrange/discuss your funeral in advance to the extent that you wish.


With us, everyone can say goodbye to their loved one in their own way.


We also offer aftercare, after a funeral there is a lot of administration, you will receive pre-completed documents and 45 minutes of free legal advice.

printing service's

We have our own printing machine. This allows us to fully personalize our printing. You can also contact us for booklets, invitations, condoleance cards, ...

Grave work

We also provide grave stone services.

Funeral home Bellefroid

Funeral home Leefdaal

Dorpstraat 533A, 3061 Leefdaal

Funeral home Kortenberg

Kiewitstraat 40, 3070 Kortenberg

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