For many relatives, the grieving process only really starts after the funeral. In this time a memorial stone, or a personalized jewel, can offer some comfort.

You can contact us for this without obligation.

Grave, columbarium and Urn stones.
Memorial stones with a proverb or a photo in different types of materials.
Ash holders
Ash jewels
Jewelry with fingerprint
Photo frames, if desired with ash tube
Flower arrangements: silk and real flowers


Immediately after registering a death, you will receive free access to your family space via the Enaos online platform.
You can find a complete bundle of documents via the family room. You can use this to arrange all formalities and practical matters after the death.
These forms have already been completed, only the recipient needs to be completed by you.
This is a great help because after the death of a family member you will be able to inform many administrative and financial institutions with these documents.
Enaos provides documents concerning the notary, bank, insurance company and the suppliers of gas, water and electricity ...
You can also find other basic documents in the family room, such as a funeral letter, photos, a picture, a death certificate, a funeral register, etc.
You can also share this family room with other family members.

Enaos is an additional service, offered free of charge by Uitvaartzorg Bellefroid.


For many people, a legacy equals the unknown. A tangle of practical, administrative and legal procedures and obligations that impose themselves at the worst moment. What should I do, how and within what timeframes?
Who can I count on?
Legacio is our reliable partner that provides assistance and advice in the context of the administration, practical and legal processing of an estate.
This means in the first place that they are committed to communicating quickly and smoothly with our families.
You get 45 minutes of free advice - phone Legacio 02 / 320 23 18
At the end of this free conversation, you will be informed, without any obligation, of what else Legacio can do for you, at a total and fixed price.
Contrary to popular belief, there is no obligation to use a civil-law notary to draw up a will or declaration of an
estate yourself – this also applies if real estate is involved.

02 320 23 18

This is an extra free service offered by Bellefroid funeral care.


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